Public Access Center launched in Mandalay

March 7, 2008

State-owned English Newspaper has expressed an statistic about about Public Access Center in Mandalay State.

Public Access Center in Mandalay.

March—The opening of the Public Access Center (PAC) under Mandalay Division Myanma Posts and Telecommunications took place at the Division MPT on 26th Street between 80th and 81st Streets in Aungmye Thazan Township, Mandalay, at 8.20 am on 18 February.

Chairman of Mandalay Division Peace and Development Council Commander of Central Command Brig-Gen Tin Ngwe pressed the button to open the ceremony. The commander visited those using Internet at the venue. He inspected the making of trunk calls, overseas calls, local calls, and the sending of faxes locally and to foreign nations at the post office of Mandalay Division Myanma Posts and Telecommunications at the corner of 25th and 80th Streets. He gave instructions on the services.


The PAC is equipped with 10 computers. In Internet services, ADSL line is used at the speed of 2-MB. Rental charge is K 500 for a public member, and K 400 for a tertiary student. Plans are now under way to open more Public Access Centers to enable the people to have an easy access to IT. (Rental charge, wow!!! how strange. Translator haven’t been there.)

Sources said that is taking advantages from their military power. There are over 50 public access center running by private sector. No can’t get high band width like 2MB in private internet cafe. They expressed that they intend to an easy access to IT. It’s fake. They may track private information from usage. It’s not safe for using sensative data.

Mandalay Division Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications is taking measures for the convenience of the people in the communication services. So far, Thabeikkyin, Singu and Ngazun are the remaining three townships in Mandalay Division that have not got a digital auto exchange each. The installation of digital auto exchanges in the three townships will be completed in 2008.

In mobile phone system, GSM readio stations have been established in Yamethin, Meiktila, Wundwin, Myittha, Kyaukse, Singaing, PyinOoLwin, Myingyan, Popa, Bagan and NyaungU. Moreover public phones or PCOs are being installed. So far, 1548 PCOs have been installed in Mandalay Division, 1014 of which are in Mandalay. PCOs are also installed in highway buses and express trains plying between Mandalay and Yangon. MNA

Internal sources said that you have to register phone number when you calling anywhere in PCO. Most of PCO are permitted to police informers. We are scare to use their controlled PCO and PAC by MPT and USDA.


ICT exhibition to be held in Mawlamyine

March 7, 2008

State-owned English Newspaper has expressed a brief news for ICT exhibition in Mawlamyine.

ICT WeekMarch— Under the arrangement of Myanmar Computer Entrepreneurs Association and Myanmar Computer Professionals Association, ICT exhibition will be held at Ngwe Moe hotel on Strand Road in Mawlamyine, Mon State from 6 to 8 March. Computer entrepreneurs in Yangon and Mawlamyine and companies will display ICT exhibition to be held in Mawlamyine computers and accessories, electronic devices and programmes for computer technology courses. Interested persons may visit the exhibition. Mon State Computer Professionals Association and Mon State Computer Entrepreneurs Association will be formed. Arrangements have been made to open Public Access Center for the first time.—MNA

They quoted that Myanmar Computer Entrepreneurs Association in that news. There are no Association with that title. We assumed that Myanmar Computer Industrial Association (MCIA). Their web site can be reached at State-own News paper Editors may not know well in Computer Industry.

We will provide such news update here soon.

Hello world!

March 7, 2008

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